Harvest time


People often ask how we convinced David Abreu, the most sought-after vineyard consultant in California, to manage our vineyards. The truth is, that like great wine, it began in the vineyard. When we bought our original block, we asked David, who was a friend, to take a look. David told us the site had enormous potential, and before we knew it, he was laying out rows and selecting rootstock. His knowledge was equally invaluable when we bought our second block, which was planted to Clone 7 and in its prime but neglected, and he brought it back to life.

David's reputation as a perfectionist is based on his depth of knowledge and the incredible attention to detail he brings to the vineyard. His work ethic is contagious. David imparts his expertise and his drive to his entire crew, who farm our vineyard meticulously, so that every row, every vine, every cluster of fruit achieves exceptional quality in every vintage