Harvest time

Bob Bressler

Bob Bressler is now a full time vintner. Prior to retiring, Bob was a Visiting Scientist in networking at Sun Microsystems. In that role, he served as an advisor to the executive staff and product divisions on issues in networking and where the Internet is going. Prior to becoming a part time employee at Sun, Bob served as Vice President and Chief Scientist, Networking, where he was responsible for charting the future directions for networking products and advanced development in networking for Sun as well as working across all the Sun companies to guide the direction of networking technologies and create network product strategies. 

Prior to joining Sun in 1994, Bob spent four years at Network Equipment Technologies (N.E.T.) as senior vice president, technology and corporate development and chief technical officer. His responsibilities included long-term strategic planning and overall product architecture for N.E.T. and ADAPTIVE, as well as the investment strategy for advanced R&D activities and spending. 

Prior to joining N.E.T. in 1990, Bob spent four years at 3Com Corporation. His most recent assignment at 3Com was chief technical officer and vice president, corporate development. His responsibilities included overall product strategy for 3Com and in particular, the creation with Microsoft, of 0S/2 LAN Manager. Read More